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Words From Your Inner Goddess

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Artist: Tahtea @tahtea

These words you are encouraged to;

read them aloud,

write them down or

hear them as your inner voice speaking to you.

As these are the words of your inner Goddess, treat them as reminders, guidance or sense of enlightenment.

Let these words become your truth.


I am Goddess.

I am fierce and beautiful.

I obtain magnetic and sacred energy.

I am full of love and compassion for myself, others and the life around me.

I dance and roam wherever my heart calls because I am a free spirit. Released from my cage I have become untamed.

I live here, today, in the present. The past has come and gone and I let my old thoughts and emotions be left behind with the times they were once present.

I am allowing myself to be opened up to the universe, my true self has arrived.

I now search for empowerment and evolution as a Goddess.

I love myself unconditionally. I am the only one who can give me this feeling of love. The seeking for others validation is no longer needed, because I now know I am enough. I am the strongest most truthful version of me.

I will continue to honour this truthful version of myself.

I will continue to manifest all my dreams and desires into reality.

I will not allow myself to follow rules or guidelines that obstruct my originality and uniqueness.

I will live each day through love and gratefulness, accepting all energies but not allowing them to reflect my own.

I will accept my vulnerabilities but let my strengths overpower them, one day they will be conquered.

I know that I am not perfect, and that I am not supposed to be.

I will not allow for anyone to fill any needs of dependancy, I am a fighter and a warrior. I know the powers of my soul can find and defeat any weakness.

I stand my ground when necessary. My fearlessness does not allow for me to be walked over or taken advantage of.

I will continue expanding and learning through deep soul work and taking in all experiences on this Universe.

I will take people to the depths of their souls, observe them and teach them, in a way that tests their worthiness in my life.

I am a protector to those that reflect purity and loyalty.

I will only surround myself to those who reflect purity and loyalty.

I will accept all ups and downs I am given. I will acknowledge them as the obstacles of life, and learning experiences that strengthen my growth.

I will remember to connect with the Divine Mother, appreciating and nourishing her flowers and trees and all she has given me. I give back to her, for she has given me her home to live as her earth child.

I am Goddess.


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