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Ancestral Medicine: With Keiate of Lemuria Rising

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Whoever you are right now and whatever land you currently reside on, you are carrying the history of your ancestral lineage. Our ancestors are very much stored within us, within our DNA, which also means our healing is embedded in there too. We have the ability to access their wisdom as well as their suffering, which inherently is our wisdom and our suffering. Working with ancestral medicine gives us the power to reconstruct intergenerational wounds into blessings.

I have connected with a sister of mine Sida Davies, (Keiate Heka of Lemuria Rising) to have a brief discussion on her outlook of ancestral medicine. I think there are truly so many depths of this topic and I couldn’t think of anyone more beyond this realm to briefly tap into this with.

Their wisdom is inside of you and that’s where it begins. Your cells, your energy, your spirit - it’s all coded inside of you. (Keiate Heka)


Q: You are beyond words of a woman with so many layers. I am constantly in awe of you and your work. I feel you are of ancient presence with such a profound story, that perhaps many women here can feel some resonance with. Would you be open to sharing an insight into your journey of working with spirits, when you felt called, and how your name Lemuria Rising came to be.

A: Of course! I was born with the ability to see and experience existence outside of the “veil” or “matrix”. For me it was normal until I was told it wasn’t. I lived in a type of merged reality where dream states, astral travel, communicating with spirits and energies all rolled into one stream of lived experienced. It wasn’t until I got to around 7 years old and had interactions with more kids my age that I started to think of my experiences as “abnormal” I started sharing with my mother (who also has these same abilities but was very deep into Christianity at the time). She did her best to help me but her approach turned my feelings to fear. The church got involved, took away my books, music and art and I became very fearful and withdrawn. I shut down all my gifts and connections. I willed it away out of fear.

The next two decades of my life were tough. I experienced abuse of all kinds, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, rape & homelessness. I also had 4 children and 3 failed relationships. At 29 I was living with family with my four children after leaving my partner. When I got my own place I sunk into a deep depression. I had no will to live and was so disengaged from my life and from myself. One morning I woke up and it was like someone had flipped a switch on. I could communicate with spirit again and wow was it overwhelming! I was being told and shown all of these things I had absolutely no understanding of but the strongest message was brought to me by a feminine energy named Oshun and she told me I was “Of the Water” and here to assist others to find their light in the darkness. I was divinely guided to a healer, mentor teacher & friend who really shifted my perspective. I said to him - I think I’m going crazy! And he said “what’s happening to you is really beautiful” and so that was my call to action and journey into my healing, learning, sharing and teaching.

The name Lemuria Rising was given to me by spirit. Lemuria or Mu is a land that existed long ago on this planet. I lived and served there as a High Priestess. Lemuria was a place of great spiritual knowledge, peace, unity and wisdom held and woven together by divine feminine energy. There is so much to the story of Lemuria and I invite anyone reading this to do their research and learn about Mu. My service is under the name Lemuria Rising because that is what we are seeing. Lemuria and everything it stands for and embodies is rising and bringing balance back to the planet. The first time I travelled there I was also gifted with my original Lemurian name Keiate Heka which means The All (Keiate) & Medicine/Magick (Heka). I’m so incredibly blessed and deeply honoured to carry the codes, wisdom and spiritual technology of this land.

Q: What is your ultimate source of medicine?

A: My ultimate source of medicine is my own divine essence - coming back completely to myself, in my space at home with my altars open and sharing energy & love with my ancestors & spirit family. Where all aspects of me are called together and in resonance.

Q: Can you share your knowledge of your ancestral lineage?

A: My Ancestral lineage comes from so many places, as all of ours do! From blood to soul to star lineage. My strongest calling has been through my soul and star lines, those being Sirius - the planets/dimensions of Po Tolo and Emme Ya Tolo specifically, along with The Arcturus constellation. When you can start with your star lineage you can link into your soul lineage.

By working with my Sirian and Lemurian selves and family I was lead on a clear journey & brought to a greater and deeper relationship with the spirits & the birth places of the Ancestors, Deities & energies that already new me before I incarnated here - those that I was destined to work with.

Q: I know that for me when it comes to working with my ancestors, it has been important to also have and truely feel connection to certain plants. You have also opened me up to working with new plant medicine, which I am deeply grateful for.