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Creatress With Intention

We put so much pressure on what we want to do or what is our main ‘purpose’. Some of us are so unsure of what it is we are really good at because we are too busy trying to attain the vibration of something or someone we want to be.

It’s important to have goals of course, they anchor us in accomplishing things. However I find focusing on them is not too beneficial for the soul, as we tend to focus on the outcome and not the journey. When I really want something, I put my heart into my intentions. This is a present approach as you become unattached from a version of yourself you ‘want’ to be. The energy desired will come as long as my intention remains pure. My intention will always keep me in line, and drive me to step into my highest potential.

Something I thought about recently through riding the unexpected wave of life; there will always be change, the universe will throw some dynamic form of change into your life. And when we have our minds focused on an end goal, we become caught off guard when life throws us some form of change. However if we are living with strong intentions, we can go through any experience that comes our way. This is because we are energy-centred, and rooted deep within our intentions lies our values, our morals, our emotions, our feelings and our purest energy.

Goals have always been hard for me as I tend to focus on the limitations and ways I’m not getting to this certain ‘point’. Always this feeling of nup it’s not enough or I’m not good enough, or I’m too slack or too lazy. The thought process was a maze, and I was so unclear with my intentions, as I jump in and out of belief with myself. How am I supposed to achieve shit if majority of the time I don’t believe I can.

For example: In the past I was really set on finding soul sisters that I have deep connections to. I remember feeling so alone and sad for a really long time because it never came my way, and I really didn’t connect with anyone, except for the few people in my life. So I began to subconsciously search and find these qualities in women I met along my path. It was distressing as I came to realise a true negative trait that I held; putting people into desired moulds that I had created for them. I came to realise some relationships were actually nothing like I ‘wished’ and the fakery was always there, but I was blinded by connections that I perceived them to be through my own wants. Not to say there were no beautiful connections, but they weren’t in their purest most raw form, and that was because I wasn’t accepting it for what it was. I was focused on this ideal type of energy that I wanted to be surrounded by.

I came into awareness, as I was so exhausted from putting my energy into the wrong people. I finally just stopped and started to exchange more energy with myself.

The energy I wished for in a feminine presence, I later found in myself. I stepped into my power as a woman. I became more present and less focused on the future. I felt free… free of expectations, free of judgement, free to dance and sing. I wasn’t afraid to speak on anything, I actually became to love the sound of my voice. I felt truly empowered.

And soon enough the energies I once desired so bad, crossed paths with mine. Slowly different women came into my life that in an essence were already there, but waiting for our frequencies to match. I came to realise gaining something you desire is about your frequency, your state of being, not an end destination.

I feel like I have created the perfect potion for a desiring Creatress: a dash of pure intentions, a pinch of meditation and ritual, a drizzle of visioning, and a sprinkle of loving energy. All these ingredients are simultaneously wiring connection to the energy of my desires. With this magickal combination, you will be able to achieve your goals but maintain awareness of the present moment and every single feeling and experience that comes your way.

Bless x


When we give light to something, we are bringing vibration and energy to our thoughts, prayers and intentions.

Find what you want to bring to light, a candle, incense, leaves, or paper with written intentions.

Fill the energy of the room with your intention. As you burn your item, let go and allow yourself to step into your spirit self.

As your item burns away, watch the smoke and hold it into your awareness. This is your intention that is being lifted by the Air element, it will begin travelling its journey though the physical world, and will meet you when your paths align again.


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