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Womb Meditation

Become aware of your womb and release blockages from within

Artist: Chelsea Skye @lunarlilt

Find a tranquil space for the following meditation:


Create your Goddess space ~ In front of your altar, light some candles, burn some incense, play some gentle music, whatever works for you.

Sit comfortably, with your womb closest to earth.

Slowly create a nice rhythm of your breath. Allow your breath to begin relaxing your body.

Release any tension at your shoulders, face, arms, legs or feet.

Become aware of your womb.

Place your hands on your lower abdomen (your womb space or Sacral Chakra).

Following your breathing cycle, breathe down the front of your body, and pause your breath at your Sacral Chakra.

Breathe out, releasing the energy up your spine towards your Crown Chakra (just above your head).

Continue sending energy through your body, pausing at the womb, and sending it back up above you.

As you repeat your breath in and out of the womb, close your eyes and begin to visually watch your womb as a deep cave of red beaming light.

As you hold this tunnel of red energy. Be aware of her blockages, be aware of her suffering.

Feel her pain and trauma, they are your pain and trauma.

Don’t be afraid to visualise them to their very core, they are a part of you.

Since you were born, she has been the container for all of your experiences of suffering. It is this space where she held in your pain to protect you. Out of her love for you. Undying, loving energy.

Her love and protection has left you with an energy blockage, as she awaited the day for you to combine energy with her, and heal these blockages.

Think of her protecting, loving energy.

As you focus on her beaming red cave being held in your palms, think of all of the loving energy you want to send back to her. Thanking her for being so strong for you. Thanking her for supporting you and guiding you.

It is now time for you to release the barriers and blockages she has left for you to heal.

Follow your breath and closely watch your red womb cave.

On each exhale, visualise a dark and mucky red colour flowing out of the cave, along with each trauma and suffering you have ever experienced.

Effortlessly flowing out of you.

When there is no more dark and mucky red flowing out of the cave, you realise its bright red fluorescent colour.

Feel the radiant love coming from your womb, she is thanking you.

Healthy energy is flowing through your body.

Everything starts to feel more light and relaxed.

Slowly move out of the womb space, and begin to maintain a natural breathing cycle.

When are you ready… let go of your womb cave, release your hands,

And return to your present space.


I hope you enjoy this meditation I have crafted for you. It takes you on a journey of womb awareness and healing. Helping us realise those experiences that never left us created blockages that have affected our bodies energy flow. Also reminding us women to speak of our Womb as though she is our best friend, she has been there everyday since the beginning, catching our feelings and emotions to protect us. When we meet her later in life, with full awareness of her and what she holds, that is when our ultimate healing journey with her begins.


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