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Soul Work: Womb Healing

Since ancient times the Divine Mothers womb has been honoured and worshipped as a sacred place that created all life on earth. Our womb/yoni we carry, holds limitless powers of creation, we have the ability to manifest everything and anything.

Through the standards of society and common upbringing as a female, we have forever been taught that we hold this powerful life force within us, and to always keep it hidden, keep it secret, and to not gross people out. This is saddening, and at some point in our lives we will come to a place where we start to become aware of ourselves, our bodies and what we are doing to our vessel. When we come to this womb- wakening, we realise that the way the modern day universe works has left us with insecurities, diseases and disconnection to ourselves, our bodies and importantly our wombs. Once we have this realisation we are able to instigate change… to distinguish from what benefits us and what doesn’t.

The womb is such a powerful centre of energy. We unconsciously do so many things that restrict the harmonious flow of our energy centres. And when we have a energy blockage within us, it reflects onto the physical world, creating issues and sickness.

This article is to help us recognise our behaviours that are creating an energy blockage, and tips on healing the womb.

Briefly observe your actions that reflect your insecurities. For example sucking in your tummy, this type of action restricts the energy flow of the solar plexus and sacral chakra. It is as though these restrictions we put on ourselves, are guiding us to sink into the mould of society’s standards. We need to activate our womb awareness, and observe our behaviours.

To understand our womb we need to be aware of its surrounding two energy centres, the root chakra and the sacral chakra.

The root chakra (Muladhara) is our energy centre at very core of our body, it is associated with survival and security. The root chakra becomes imbalanced due to trauma, fears, and repression of our emotions. If we haven't dealt with the emotions of an experience perhaps as a child or in our recent times, this energy point most likely has a blockage.

The sacral chakra (Svadhishthana) is our energy centre located in our lower abdomen, it is associated with sensuality, sex and desire for pleasure. This chakra is where we hold so much emotion, but it is also our creative centre, our ability to manifest our realities. This energy point can be imbalanced due to traumatic previous and past life experiences.


~ Healing Energy Blockages ~

Conscious and Physical Awareness & Breathing

Our womb is hidden deep inside of us, she holds everything.. our secrets, our wounds and traumas. She seems so far away from us and our consciousness that we forget to heal her, leaving this unspoken disconnection with her.

We must remember to bring some conscious and physical awareness to her, and recognise what we have stored in her. The longer we store our past emotions in our physical body, the longer they become more suppressed and tense. By doing this we are creating an emotional barrier between our higher consciousness and the womb.

A way to try and clear out these emotional blockages is breathing, find a mediation or a rhythm of sound/music. Focus on breathing starting at your mind and thoughts through to your heart, through to your womb. As you take your breaths in and out… inhale bringing in light and awareness.. exhale cleansing and release the emotions.

Another technique to bring awareness into the womb is to listen and meditate to deep grounding music. Focus on visualising a pulsating red light at your root centre. Watch the energy and allow the murky energy to dissolve, leaving the beaming red energy at your root.