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Soul Work: Reconnecting to Feminine Energy

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Photographer: Hadas @hadasimages

As a young girl, I used to think of femininity as an image of a graceful woman who appears and speaks beautifully, each movement she makes is soft and elegant, and she resembles the scent and the presence of a gentle blossoming flower.

However, I came to understand the true essence of femininity comes from within. A feeling which we can only experience through our own deep personal connection with ourself. Our femininity is nothing to do with how we speak, walk, talk or dress, it is the energy that glows from the radiance within our hearts, the power of our minds, the depth of our spirit.

So when I speak of femininity, I do not speak of the image a female represents.. I speak of the energy in which femininity is.

Divine feminine energy (magnetic) is the side of us that is creative, intuitive, emotional, compassionate and nurturing. Divine masculine energy (electric) is the side of us that is determined, analytic, rational and logical type of thinking and decision making. Therefore this makes us electromagnetic. We first use our intuition and create (magnetic form) then we act and put it into practice (electric force).

Both energies are sacred, and are balancing within all of us; we can not have one without the other. Balancing your energies harmoniously is important, however it is normal to have more than the other, it just means you are either connected to your inner Goddess or God. Embracing our goddess energy mean we must commit to opening our hearts. We have the most powerful ability to love, so allow that to show each day you live as a Goddess.

Our feminine energy flows when we allow it to, through creativity, movement or using our intuition. Our energy is the energy of creation, and creative energy is always flowing which means we need to direct it otherwise it can get lost.

It is important to understand how to utilise our energies, when we come up with an idea (this is the feminine energy), and then we put this idea into action (this is the masculine energy). When one side of the brain is blocked, energy becomes unsure where to travel, creating a sluggish uncertain lazy energy. This is why when we understand these energies we are keeping them flowing in a healthy rotation where they bounce off each other.

As a woman is can be easy to loose touch with our feminine nature without realisation, making us become out of balance.

Through the patriarchy in which we live in, energies consumed by greed and power have become more dominant, and our loving and self empowering instinct becomes lost within it all. This can be felt in our hearts through our day to day jobs, as we are being restricted of our inner wild woman, creating an energy blockage. The need to embody our sacred feminine essence is lost.

Since the beginning of time women have always been forced to hide their true feminine selves. This refers to many points in time, but also reflects its existence today and how difficult it is for women trying reclaim our feminine powers. We will always continue searching and fighting for the balance we deserve between feminine and masculine.

This is personal and requires one simple tool; yourself.

If you feel you are loosing touch of your feminine energy and you desire to reconnect with her, follow these words in hope they meet and resonate with the words of your soul.



Honour yourself

Recognise each task you do as honouring & worshipping yourself. Whether it be, cooking a meal, brushing your teeth, putting on make up, lighting a candle, having your period, going for walks, having a bath etc, these are all sacred rituals you take part in for yourself. This is because you are a Goddess in disguise, you were born a Goddess therefore acknowledge these as your everyday rituals. Not only honour what you do, but honour everything else about you, every inch and curve of your body that makes you a woman. Observe your body, observe each unique feature (ones that you may see as flaws) these are the embodiment of feminine energy, take them in and fall in love with yourself.

Let go

Female energy is always creating, so it doesn't like to be boxed in or restricted. Let go of the human you are playing, and release her from her cage. Allow your wild free creature to come out, let go of judgement, fears and expectations for at least a small part of your day. Drop everything and unveil to yourself the soul that lives within your body. Find your source of release that helps you set free, it could be dancing like a wild animal releasing energy from your sacral chakra, or cutting your hair you’ve hidden under for years, cutting off toxic friendships.. source the area that you feel contains the most effort, or an area that comes to you intuitively. Take it into action and release!

Mother Moon

Let each night be time of reflection and growth. A time to rest your mind and body, allow yourself to breathe, unwind and feel love. Let your connection to the moon be empowered and strengthened night by night, as when we spend time alone with the moon we allow our feminine energy to flow. Flowing under the moonlight is good for our soul. The energy we absorb from our moon activates our powers within us. Setting aside what is ‘safe’ or ‘allowed’ for us women to do, we must walk the dark at night as we are the only goddesses that can connect to the moon.

Reach out to Mother Luna.

The moon goes through her cycle in around 29 days, our menstrual cycle is roughly the same. This means we are able to consciously tune in with the cycle of nature and we should observe and utilise her phases to connect to our goddess powers. Our cycle is both sacred and a blessing to all women. This is our source of connection between the moon and our bodies. We are forced to listen to the messages being received from your body, it becomes a time of healing. Allow your emotions and tensions in your body arise, acknowledge them and release them by allowing them to just be, and flow outwards once they pass.

Feel your emotions

When emotions arise whether they are the uplifting or the negative kind, feel them to their fullest. Understand that emotions are a part of us, they are a motion and they must continue to move forward. This means its time to avoid suppressing them, and instead make room for them.

When you suppress them you are abandoning yourself, lengthening an internal buildup inside of you that may one day reappear again. You’re leaving yourself when you are needed the most, in turn this will create a lot of internal conflict. Always remember that our stored emotions will continue resonating outwards, reflecting the people, experiences and situations we are drawn to in the future. Our subconscious mind transmits our previous suppressed emotions and fears into the universe.

Work together with your mind, your temple and your soul, you are all one big team who share the same goal; your happiness. Two cannot work without the others and one can especially not work alone.

We can sometimes allow for emotions to defeat us, or define us. Remember that we are not our emotions, we are human beings experiencing emotions. When we allow ourselves to feel our emotions to the deepest level, we can fall far too deep where we believe how we are feeling is who we are.

Love the masculine energy around you

We all have masculine electric energy. But we must appreciate the true divine masculine energies we have around us. Men are crucial beings as they are our other half, we work together to bring our powers of love and connection to create a powerful team.

We play a huge part in their lives due to our soft and nurturing abilities that allows them to feel guarded and comfortable enough to release all vulnerabilities. The male presence also plays a huge part in our lives as they open our eyes to masculinity, we learn from them by observing and identifying with masculine aspects within ourselves.

Just as we say to empower each goddess, we are to empower men also as we serve a true purpose of awakening each-other.

Honouring light and dark

We all have light and dark energies, our dark energies are our shadow self. We usually try to forget and avoid this side of ourself because it bring us back to a time of pain. Moving on is good, however acknowledgement of dark times is crucial, as it should be something we embrace rather than something we avoid. So do not hide this energy in the vault, allow it to visit you, and when it does and respond embracingly.

Dance with your sisters

Connecting with women on the same level of consciousness as you is important for recharging your feminine energy and elevating the feminine vibration as a collective. Goddesses have infinite healing powers when sharing sacred space together.

Connect to your mythological sisters

If you ever feel lost or are in search of answers or guidance, perhaps information that this Sacred Journal hasn't covered for you yet. Don’t forget about the higher powers that have been watching down on you. You will find you drift towards a Goddess or God more, this is where you should research and educate yourself to who to work with. Think in terms of history, ancestry and connection. There are no rules, as you see in them what others may not, this is a personal connection between you and the divine. Here are a few of Ayjas sisters:

  • Aura, the Greek goddess of fresh air and the breeze.

  • Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty and sensuality.

  • Gaia, the Greek goddess and manifestation of the earth.

  • Oya, is the African goddess of storms and destruction.

  • Oshun, the African goddess of the ocean, fresh water and fertility.

  • Isis, the Egyptian goddess of fertility magic and healing.

  • Ma’at, the Egyptian goddess of truth, justice and balance.

  • Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt, birth and nature.

  • Demeter, the Greek goddess of harvest, growing and preserving, and harvesting of grain.

  • Durga, the Hindu warrior goddess of alleviating suffering and strength.

  • Kali, the Hindu goddess of death and destruction.

  • Maya, the Hindu goddess of illusion through which the material world manifests.

  • Narashimhika, the hindu goddess (also known as Shakti) of creative energy and balance between good and evil.

  • Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of abundance of spiritual and material wealth.

  • Cerridwen, the Celtic goddess of transformative power of magic, wisdom, inspiration .

  • Anjea, the Aboriginal goddess of fertility.

  • Sekhmet, the Egyptian warrior goddess of healing and hunting.

  • Anuket, the Egyptian goddess of nourishing and hunting, personification of the Nile river.

  • Hecate, the Greek goddess of magic, the night, moon and witchcraft.


We must follow our intuition, what is known within our hearts, what is inside that needs to be brought out.

We must utilise our desire to heal, to fill the place in our hearts that crave regaining the spirit and powers of the sacred feminine.

We must keep a close connection to nature as this is our source of power, we cannot nurture, love and heal without it.


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