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Sacred Healing Candle Ritual

Goddess reminder:

As a Goddess we must remember each time we connect with our feminine energy we are honouring ourselves as a sign of worship. This is why its always important to keep a consistent loving relationship with ourselves, always keeping time for our rituals and times of reconnection. Keep our space at home our goddess sanctuary, a place where we feel nourished and guarded. Acknowledge that each task we do whether its our cup of morning tea, doing our make up, our hair, having a bath, lighting a candle, reading a book etc. these are all a part of the Goddess ritual that is formed by being fully present for no one but ourselves.

As Ayja introduced the Sacred Healing candle, the true deeper meaning remained in the chamber of her soul. As the candles are being admired and burnt, this is a reminder of the power your candles hold when used with intent.

Candles wire our connection to the divine, as we associate its light with life energy ~ the light of life.

Burn the candle on the full moon, new moon or a time that is right for you. Create a sacred space of quietness and meditate in the moment with your breath. Be open to receive as you allow yourself to enter a higher state.

When we light the wick we are breaking the veil between the physical world and a higher dimension, opening a pathway towards our greater spirit and stepping outside of this material world. Remember that you are partaking in a sacred ritual, use it as a tool for magic and manifestation.

The crystals and flowers will fall into the abyss of wax as a sign of release. Release all issues and worries of current existence in this present world, as you are creating a barrier between this world and your spirit world. Allow yourself to enter this peaceful celestial realm with the intention of reconnection (or your own particular intention). Let go of all present emotions, and completely surrender.

The elemental force of fire will raise you to a higher consciousness, entering this level you will come to the realisation that you are a spiritual entity encompassing a human body. Knowing this you have the ability to tune into your higher self, your intuition, whatever feels right to listen to.



Allow the candle to burn until all flowers and crystals have fallen down into the chamber of wax, as they entered the realm with you, they will remain there until you choose to visit them again.

Put out the candle once the wax has melted to one level.

Remember the Goddess ritual of fire.

Blessings to all queens.




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