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A Vision of the Goddess; Ayja

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

Photographer: Deziree Lovas @wild_creative_heart

My feminine energy was shown to me through a vision perceived from an outer perspective, it was honourable and sacred, at this time I knew my energy was of high value for planetary healing. As I was called to honour my powers and use them for my sisters, this awakening began a new chapter in my life.

This was Ayja.


As inspiration from other feminine energies heightened within me, this feeling of boundless power flew through me. I came to realise the importance and strength we hold as women, and felt as though this needed to be unveiled to us all.

This is how the Goddess Ayja was born. Her birthing was founded by the balance of love and nature, a balance all women should consciously connect to.

So on this journey you will be receiving many things from Ayja.

She will tell you to utilise your healing powers, by filling the place in your heart that longs for regaining the spirit and powers of the sacred feminine.

She will tell you that your sisters are your best friends, and we are to use our magnetic energy as a collective.

She will tell you to keep a close and strong connection to nature, as this is our true source of power. We are unable to work in nurturing and healing without it.

She will tell you to always follow your intuition, whatever feelings are hiding in our hearts needs to be brought out and activated.

A focus on the true depth of ~ self love ~ a meaning that has been forgotten and misunderstood over time. Lost in the universe we live in, our aim is to reconnect with this soul hugging term.

We will explore self love on this journey, through all handmade gifts created with love, and through a space of acceptance and appreciation.

This the beginning of Ayjas Sacred Journal, where we will connect and come together to open our hearts and share our stories.

Feel free to roam around and explore as you are now a resident of my home, and I'm so happy to have you here. :-)

Love Chloe x


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