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Water obtains waves of wisdom and awareness. Water is a highly strengthful aspect of all life, and it soaks up other elements sensual and sensitive side, this also gives reason to its healing abilities. The most consciously aware and intuitive element, where psychic powers and power of creation is tapped into. Water is free-flowing as it has no form or shape, it must always be moving and flowing in a fluidly, expressive way. 


Ancient wisdom

We contain up to 60% of water in our bodies, we are a literal stream of water. This means hidden deep within our stream, we contain waves of wisdom. When we 

consume water, we absorb the knowledge and wisdom it holds and has gained through its travels before it reached your body.

Image by Joshua J. Cotten


There are infinite healing powers in the waters of mother nature. The waves of energy are sacred, and you can feel this energy when you are submerged in the natural waters, oceans, rivers, lakes.


Free flowing

Water has no shape or form, it just simply is. Water reminds us to flow freely, when we move or dance we should try and adapt to the fluid and harmonious flow that is without thought, judgement or expectation.

Photographer: @jessicashepherdphotography

Image by Matt Hardy


There is a whole other world when you enter the realm beneath the airs surface. It is in this space where our worries of the physical world disappear, and we are given the opportunity to let go and surrender. Feel the gentle or strong buoyancy of the waves take your body, focus on not moving and allowing the water to push your floating body in a harmonious  surrender to the element. 

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