Incense Bundle

  • A ritual bundle hand crafted for you. With loving offerings from the earth to offer to your altar / incorporate into your rituals. 

    - 5 Traditionally made Incense sticks

    - Preseved ferns, flowers and feather

    - Clear quartz crystal


    Copal Incense ( Made in Mexico )

    5  Artisan made incense sticks using traditional Mayan methods, from the highest quality natural copal resin from the (Burseraceae) tree, using "reed" sticks and charcoal. 

    Mayan copal is a hugely popular product from Mesoamerican culture. It has been burned for thousands of years during cleansing ceremonies, healing rituals, is well known for enhancing personal meditation practice and removing negative energies.

    Burn time: 1 hour (per stick)

    Length: approx 25cm


    Palo Santo Incense ( Made in Peru )

    5 Palo Santo incense sticks hand rolled by Peruvian artisans, made from 100% natural ingredients (resin from wild harvested palo santo trees is combined with gum from Acacia trees). 

    They have a delicate, woody fragrance, the sacred smoke created from palo incense sticks has a calming effect, is well known for its purification and anti-inflammatory healing properties. It's perfect for daily use, during meditation or cleansing rituals.

    Burn time: 1 hour (per stick)

    Length: approx 19cm

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