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Fire is a powerful high vibrating element that does not go unknown. An element of domination and beaming energy, a light form and a sense of warmth - each are crucial aspects of the universe. Fire is a dangerous loud flame, not out to burn but can due to its lack of control and fast diffusing sense.

Image by Thomas Kelley

Purify + Cleanse

The intense strength of the fire element gives us opportunity to burn and purify energies that are unwanted to us. When we don't fear fire but instead work with its powerful essence, we can truly learn how to use its cleansing properties to our advantage.


Ritual burning

Bring light to your room, altar and sacred spaces. Burning sacred plants or lighting candles wire our connection to the divine, when we light a candle or incense we bring vibration and energy to our thoughts, prayers and intentions of the space. We break the veil between the physical world and the higher dimension, an clear opportunity to step into our spirit self.

Image by Tanishq Tiwari

Energy of the Sun

Deep connection to the fire element comes from the warmth and light we receive from the sun. Absorb the suns energy and feel the warmth it creates within you, this is the purest form of our connection to fire and the fire in our soul. 

Image by Alexander Krivitskiy

Ignite your fiery essence

Within each woman is the divine Goddess essence. We activate this energy when we tap into our inner fire. When we love ourselves to our very core and exert this energy out to others. When we dress like a sensual being, enchanted by our own beauty. When we dance freely and let go of all fears and judgments, and let our inner wild fiery woman be untamed. 

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