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Earth is the foundation of all power and strength. It is the most connected element in terms of the physicality of life. 

Earth absorbs all form, energy and surroundings, keeping them grounded and connected by allowing them to flow and intertwine with each-other. 

Image by Annie Spratt


Be open to receive the medicine of Mother Earth. Everything that exists is an offering from her to you as her child. So let her be your teacher, respectfully forage and harvest her plants, eat her fruits and consume the healing she has made for you, there is medicine in all. When we access the knowledge of nature, we are tuning into the medicine woman/man that is embedded within our ancestry.

We are all medicine people.



Stay grounded through ritual and honouring Mama Earth in everyday life. She is the container for all living life. When we come to realisation of our interconnectedness, her roots intertwined with ours… everything becomes much lighter, our channels become clearer and we are open to receiving her information. 


Giving back 

Just like any relationship in our lives, to receive love we must give it. Give back to Mama Nature, as she has nurtured us for so long, she needs healing in return. We are the generation of consumers, give back to the giant organism that gives us its home to live. Plant trees, grow your own foods and herbs, eat a plant based diet, recycle your rubbish, reuse your waste, use less power, less water, and be aware of the products you buy. 


Ancestors of the land 

Wherever you live, you may feel called to connect to the original ancestors of the land your feet walk on. To really understand and connect to Mother Earth and honour the spirits of our ancestors, its important to learn all that has taken place before we were birthed into this place.

Artist: @tahtea

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