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Air is the universes manifestation of movement, a subconscious fundamental aspect of our being.

Air constantly needs to flow, any kind of expression such as learning or creating that adds to their freedom and individuality. 

Image by Altınay Dinç


Everything is connected with the breath, every living thing; humans, animals, plants, all organisms. We are all sharing the air of Mama. In meditation, send energy with the breath to loved ones, see how powerful the air element is when you can direct it to others.


Observe the flow of wind

Observe the flow of the air element when partaking in rituals such as burning incense and watching the flow of where the air takes it, or dancing and flowing as the wind takes each core of your body on a journey.


Photographer: @jessicashepherdphotography

Image by Kea Mowat

Perception of the Eagle

The eagle flies higher than any other bird. When we tap into the spirit of the eagle we can adapt to its higher level of perspective. Fly like the eagle, and believe in the boundless. We forget our insignificance as our feet are based on earth and we only see what is around us in our close circles. The eagle reminds us to open our minds to all messages that are out there.


Communication and connection

Our ideas, thoughts, emotions flow out of our bodies and into the air. This is the same when connecting with other people, we share a container of space with them. Air is where the space for imagination, dreams and visions exist. When we tap into this element, we can access our ideas and find ways to express them.

Artist: @tahtea

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