Welcome Sisters

I am Ayja,

The Goddess of the elemental forces of the Universe. 

Earth, Water, Fire & Air

My connection to the Divine Mother of nature allows me to bathe myself in the energy of the Universe, allowing my feminine energy to flow.

I am here to share my rituals with you, I will soon become the Goddess you find within yourself

Ayja's purpose is to bring a sacred healing space to you, a welcoming community of love and sisterhood. A collective journey to connecting to our inner goddess.


WE, are strong empowered women, we have the most beautiful gift of love and compassion. 


I, Ayja gather women from all walks of life, in aim to reconnect with the inner truth we have left behind; 

~ Self Love ~


Self love is accepting yourself for who you are, not shapeshifting to look or act or be a certain way. It is without any judgements of yourself, true appreciation of your inner and outer self. 

On this journey we will open our hearts and learn to love ourselves through true acceptance and appreciation for ourselves, and to rid the thought that we must change ourselves.

Ayja Love is a space for deep healing, through sacred rituals and the medicine of plant magic.

We are beautiful, we are powerful, and we can rise to become the Queen we dream to be.

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