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Ayja is...

The Goddess of the elemental forces of the Universe;

Earth, Water, Fire & Air


A true embodiment of the divine feminine,

with roots embedded deeply into the belly of the earth,

 here to share with you the magic, nourishment and rituals of the elements.

Mama Ayja's House is a place of love and sisterhood for women from all walks of life.

A space where we can collectively dive into our healing journeys together,

knowing that we are never alone.

WE are divinely created women 

WE hold worlds of wisdom within our bones and blood

WE are the embodiment of modern day Queens

Ayja's House aims to reconnect us with the inner truth we have lost over time; 

Self Love

It's encouraged to contemplate what self love means to you, and how to create rituals that feed your soul and make you feel loved. 

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